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Earning & Spending

Earning Z Miles (Accrual)

Members collect Z Miler through flying with Zagros Jet Airlines. Members earn Z Miles in accordance with the amount of fare paid. The Z Mile accrual base rule is that 10 times of fare value is collected as Award and as Tier points into member's account (Silver Level). Higher Class tickets will bring much more, up to 5-6 times more points to member's account.

Z Mile FFP embraces Revenue Based System for Z Miles accrual:  Fare value paid is calculated by tier co-efficients.  Higher Class and last minute tickets will bring up to 5-6 times more Z Miles to member's account.

Types of Z Miles earned:

Award Miles: By accumulating award miles members are entitled to spend these points on redeeming award tickets, and spending at partner companies.  Z Miles expire within 24 months.

Tier Miles: By accumulating points, members will be able to move from one tier to another; hence tier miles are what determine the members’ tier (card status). These miles expire in 5 years, and the member begins after 5 years with the status level (tier) from last year but with zero tier miles. If in the new tier term, the member does not maintain his/her tier miles he/she will be downgraded to the tier achieved previously.

How can I buy an award ticket? The date of booking: As a rule of thumb, one can get a lower fare on airline ticket purchases if booked in advance. For instance, if a passenger books Zagrosjet tickets a month in advance, most probably will get a lower rate than booking the same ticket 2 days before

Same conditions apply to your Z Mile award ticket purchase. As a Z Mile Member, once logged in to your Z Mile Member pages, simply make your flight search. Depending on dates and travel origins-destinations, if the fare value of your ticket is low then Z Mile Points needed to get this award ticket will be low, if the ticket fare is higher points needed for redemption would be higher.

*** A Z mile Member must pay attention that rules at Z mile Points are dynamic. A silver Member purchasing approx. most 11 Flex fare group ticket can reach to a Promo group ticket as Award (Free) Ticket! Similarly, a Gold Member flying only approx. 6 times on Extra Flex can reach to a free Promo ticket!

Collecting Z Miles (Acruals):
Zagros Jet Airlines Frequent Flyer Program, “Z Miler FFP”  uses revenue based system for point accrual. The criteria for earning Z Milers are :

*** For every 100 USD spent at Zagros Jet Airlines flight tickets,  international flight will receive 1000 Award/Tier  Z Miles domestic flight will receive 900 Award/Tier  Z Miles
*We have extra promotions miles for GOLD members reach and discover,

-        Net fare value is multiplied by 10 for international Tier, and 9 for domestic for both Tier Miles & Award Miles
-        Miles fare earned retrospectively on all flights 12 months before the start of Zagrosjet Airlines Loyalty Program, (Z Mile).
According to the table above you can calculate all award and redemption miles as shown from the table:

Z Mile is a special project of Zagrosjet the table above will change with ticket prices and taxes.
You see table above is valid till the end of winter season,

Consecutive Activity – 2000 bonus for reaching 10.000 Tier Miles Z Miles (Acruals):
As a Zagrosjet promotions, every Z Miles Member will receive 2000 additional Tier Miles only (no Award Miles) when he/she reaches to 10.000 Tier Miles.  Thus it will help the member reach to Gold Tier faster.

Benefits of Z Miles Membership