What is Z Mile?
About Z Mile Loyalty Program

Z Mile is Iraq’s first Frequent Flyer Program designed to reward all our loyal and faithful passengers for travelling with Zagros Jet regularly. Z Mile, the loyalty program of Zagrosjet airlines aiming to make your travel more comfortable and exclusive, offers unique flight experience to its passengers. Z Mile Members can

earn Miles on all local and international Zagros Jet flights, and partner airlines as well as all other partnering companies. Besides, you will also collect miles from increasing number of program partner airlines, your accommodation, car rental and your expenditures in many more program partners. Z miles can be redeemed for benefits such as award ticket, and partner spending such as hotel overnights, and other services. You can get free flight tickets with the miles collected from your flights and shopping. The more you fly, the more points you earn, the more benefits you will receive. There are 2 different Z Mile Tier levels that members can enjoy. SILVER tier and GOLD tier. In order for members to move from one tier to the other they will have to collect the necessary Tier Miles which cannot be spent nor redeemed for Award Tickets.  Tier Miles assign the Member’s card level.

Award Miles on the other hand, are collected by Members to be redeemed for getting Award Tickets (Free Ticket).

Our renewed mile program Z miles offers you Silver, Gold, Business card options, and each full of different privileges.

  • Front seat selection privilege,
  • Special check in counter,
  • Extra baggage allowance,
  • Priority boarding application,
  • Free Business upgrade right,
  • Lounge use


Tier Levels

Tier Miles expire in 5 years whereas Award Miles expire in 2 years time.

  • Silver Tier: This is the entry level in which a member enters immediadetly after enrolment. Members will receive their permanent jade membership card two weeks after they have taken their first flight. Please visit the benefits section to find more about the benefits of the Silver membership.
  • Gold Tier: To qualify for the Z Mile Gold Membership and enjoy the benefits, a Z Mile member must collect (accrue) 20.000 Z Miles within 2 years. If a member is unable to maintain the required number of miles within given time frame he/she will be downgraded to previous tier level Silver Tier.

Our renewed mile program Z Mile offers you GoldSilver and Business card options, each full of different privileges.

Please visit the benefits section to find out more about the benefits that come along with Z Mile Membership. This program is run in accordance to the terms and condition as stipulated below. One can take time to go through to get more intormation about the Z Mile FFP.

Click the link below to access the terms and conditions.   (Click Here)

How it works?

-       Please click the Registration link :  New Member Sign Up (Registration link)

-       Once filled out and sent the form, you will receive an activation email.  Must click on activation link sent by this mail

-       Next, you are sent the Welcome Email of Z Mile Frequent Flyer Program, and you are now a Silver Member.

-       You will collect Z Miles for each flight flown on Zagros Jet Airlines, and all Z Miles will be collected in your Z Mile Member account.

-       If there is a campaign on run, you will also receive your Welcome Enrollment Bonus Miles immediately.

-       As member you can log-in to see total Z Miles collected, and to make flights with Z Miles. 

-       All collected (or accrued) Z Miles are collected in Member’s account.

-       In order to get a FREE (Award) ticket one must have enough Z miles.

New Member Registration & Activation You can register here or onboard or at any Zagros Jet Ticketing office. You will receive a membership pack including your permanent card 2-3 weeks after your first flight on any Zagros flight after registration. To be able to register for   Z Miles a member should be 18 years of age.

Enrolment Bonus Enrolment Bonus is 1000 miles. Enrolment bonuses are allocated to the member’s account on first activity, this mean after clicking the Activation mail that received by email you will get your enrolment bonus.

Miles Expiry Tier (level) Miles are valid for five (5) years after the year in which they were earned. Miles due to expire will always be reflected on your Mileage Summary. Award Miles are valid for 2 years.  Awards can be requested before miles expire and can be used anytime within 24 months from the date of issue. However, if they are not used within this period they will be forfeited. Miles will expire at the end each year on 31 December.

Missing Miles – Retro Transactions

If your Z Miles are not credited for any reason, they can be promptly credited provided the relevant information is submitted timeously online on Member logged-in www.zagrosjet.com or call center no. / +9647504184444 email / reservation@zagrosjet.com . Z Mile Members are able to claim for missing activities as long as the activity date is within the last 12 months. In order to claim a missing flight activity, members will be requested to provide;

  • Flight Date
  • [Departure - Arrival] or [PNR] or [Ticket Number]

Once this information is retrieved from the member, it is checked dynamically over the web for validation. In case the claim is valid, member is credited automatically and notified for the approval of claim. Any claims older than 12 months will not be accepted as valid.