How can I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made through Zagros Jet Sales Offices, Sales Agencies, our Call Centers that can be reached on +964 750 418 4444| +964 750 420 4444  or our website www.zagrosjet.com

How do you explain the class differences that occur in the same cabin?
Different factors can cause class differneces in the same cabin. For exemple: the time of purchasing the ticket and/or minimum stay at the required destination.

How long is the validation of your tickets?
Our tickets are valid within one year from the date of issue, regardless of the class.

Can an issued ticket be used by another person?
Once a ticket is been issued, no one has the right to use, cancel or make any changes on it, other than the person whose name and surname is on the ticket. Changes can only be made prior the issuing of the ticket.

What are the change rules that are applicable for business class?
Rebooking, rerouting and refund are permitted any time. No charges are applied. Ýn case of refund Ticket Service Charge will not be refunded.

What are the change rules that are applicable for economy class?
Rebooking and rerouting are permitted against change fee. Refund is applicable against cancellation fee. The system will automatically recalculate the new fare.

What are the change rules that are applicable when rebooking is made between different classes?
A rebooking fee and a handling charge maybe collected depending on the type of the ticket. In general, the system will automatically recalculate the fare difference that should be collected or the refund amuont that might be paid back to the passenger. All provided that there are seats available.

Why do you overbook your flights?
Flight overbooking occurs in order to minimize the effects of “ no shows “.
Note: This may cause missunderstandings and inconveniences for the passengers as there are no seat guarantees.

For how long my pre-reservation will remain active in the system before I confirm it?
In case of prebooking time limit, the system will automatically specify the time limit for which the ticket can be issued. 

What happens when I want to confirm my open ticket?
In case of an open ticket the system will automatically recalculate the new fare according to the chosen date, flight and class.

Can I make my reservation online and purchase the ticket through any authorized Zagros Jet agencies or main sales office?
Yes, passengers may book their tickets online and collect it at our sales office or any authorized agency.

When I am on a waiting list, how will I be informed if my reservation is confirmed?
In case of a confirmation of a waitlisted reservation, passenger will receive this confirmation via SMS to the phone number that was provided during the reservation.

If my flight was cancelled, how will I be informed?
In case of any flight irregularities such as flight cancellations, all passengers that have provided their phone numbers during resevation will be contacted. Therefore it is of utmost importance to provide the correct phone number while making the reservation.

What will happen if my flight was cancelled?
Flight cancellations or delays that occur due to weather conditions, schedule change or technical reasons will be handled by Zagros Jet immediately and alternative solutions will be offered for the affected passengers without further charges.

How can I pay for my ticket?
The standard form of payment is cash and credit card .  Accepted credit cards are: American Express, VISA or MASTER cards.

Am I allowed to cancel my ticket online?
Tickets can not be cancelled online. Please contact your Sales office, authorized agencies or our call center for further information on: +964 750 418 4444|+94 750 420 4444

Am I allowed to change my flight destination online?
Rerouting can not be made online. For further information please contact your Sales office, authorized agencies or our call center on: +964 750 418 4444|+94 750 420 4444

What is the limit for free baggage allowance?
The maximum weight allowed for checked baggage per pax is:
30 kg for economy.
40 kg for business.
Note: a checked baggage should not exceed 32 kg per piece.

What is the maximum size and weight allowed for hand baggage per pax?
The weight of a hand baggage should not exceed 8 kg per pax and the size of it should not exceed 25x45x56 cm.

What happens if I have baggage that exceeds the free free baggage allowance?
An extra fee will be collected for any extra weight that is over the limit of the free baggage allowance.

What happens if my baggage was damaged?
In case of damaged baggage pax should apply to ( Lost and Found Department ) at the airport before leaving. Or via phone number: +964 750 418 4444|+94 750 420 4444
Please make sure that you have your travel ticket, your ID or passport and baggage label prepared for this matter.

What happens if my baggage was lost?
If a baggage has not been found within 5 days an application should be made to the ( Lost and Found Department ) at the airport.  Please have the information about the content of the baggage, your ID card or passport, baggage label and any possible excess baggage label prepared for this matter.

What are the rules for special equipments transportation?
Any special equipments such as sports equipments and musical instruments that exceed the dimentions and the weight of a hand baggage ( 25x45xx56 in size and max 8 kg in weight) can be checked in as extra luggage against fee. For further information please contact our call center on : +964 750 418 4444|+94 750 420 4444 or your sales agent.

Are there any special rules regarding carrying liquids on board?
Each passenger may carry one transparent plastic bag with the dimentions 20cm x 20cm which has to contain liquid that is only up to 100 ml.
The bag and what contains has to be shown to the final security control.
No restrictions are applied to the amount of liquids that are checked in.

What about medicines and baby food?
There are exeptions regarding special cases such as medicines and baby food. When it comes to medicine, the passenger should provide documents that states that he/she should use such medicin and it should be kept in it’s original package. Regarding baby food it should be within the requiered amount that is necessery during the flight.

What are the rule regarding the transportation of pets?
The types of animals that can be carried in the cabin are cats, dogs and birds. Pets should be kept in containers with the dimenstions of 45x35x23 cm. The weight should not exceed 6 kg with the container. Furthermore, appropriate and requierde medical certificates should also be provided.

Passengers that have sight and hearing disabilities, may carry their companion dogs on board regardless of weight. In this case a reservation should be made and the dog should wear a muzzle, have valid health and vaccination documentations. A pet fee will be collected for this matter.

What are the check in rules?
All passengers should be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to the international flights and all check in procedures should be completed latest 1 hour before the flight departure time. Furthermore, all passengers should be at the gate latest 15 minutes prior to departure.
Online check in should be made 48 hours up to 90 minutes prior to departure time.

Which passengers are not allowed to reserve the seat next to the emergency exit?
Elderly, children, passengers with sight and hearing disabilities, passengers traveling with wheelchairs and strechers, pregnant women and passengers traveling with animals.

What are the rules regarding infants?
Passengers less than 2 years old are considered as infants. Infants, new borns, that are younger than 7 days old are not allowed to travel.
For flight safety rules can one adult only accompany one infant. In case of an adult accompaning two infants, the second infant has to have a child ticket with seat reservation and has to have a car seat or an escort hostess. 
Baby meals can be provided if pax request that during reservation.
An infant can travel without seat reservation.

What are the rules that are applicable for children?
Children between the age of 2 – 5 are not allowed to travel alone. Children between the age of 5 – 12 can travel alone provided that the rules for unaccompanied minor are met. Such rules are: 
Parents or legal representatives should have a written permission prepared.
A full reservation is made.
Unaccompanied Minor Flight Authorization Form is filled at the airport . Identity and contact information of the parents and/or legal representative who bring/pick up the minor is required on this form. Form is signed by the parent or legal representative. A copy is given to the parent and/or legal representative.
Ticket, passport or other documents of UM passenger are put in UM bag and this bag is hung around the neck of the minor and the minor is delivered to a boarding officer. Parent or legal representative of UM passenger has to wait at the airport until the plane takes off. Boarding officer takes the UM passenger on board last. UM passenger is delivered by a person assigned by the Airline to the person whose name is written in UM form after his/her identity is checked and against signature. UM passenger can not be seated near the Emergency exits.

Are there any special meals on board?
Passengers can order special meals due to eating habits, health related diseases or personal preferences. Special meals should be ordered up to 54 hours before international fligts.

Does your airline provide any wheelchair services?
Yes. Passengers in need of wheelchair can request this during reservation. This service is free of charge.

What kind of help do you provide for passengers that have limited mobility or hearing and sight disabilities?
Passengers with hearing or sight disabilities may travel alone. However, if they have both kinds of disabilities then they are not allowed to travel unaccompanied. Medical reports are not needed for these cases.
Passengers with limited mobility who can not exit the aircraft on their own or who can not use lavatories unattended are not allowd to travel alone.
All passengers with disabilities have priority during check in and boarding procedures.
Unfortunately, cabin crew will only help with opening the meal cover and accompany the passenger on their way and back to the lavatory door if needed.

Do you have streacher service on board and if so, what are the procedures for that?
Our flights provides streacher service and there are special procedures that should be followed:
The request for streacher should be made 48 hours before departure. Please contact our call center at +964 750 418 4444|+94 750 420 4444 . Requests made 24 hours before departure can not be accepted. A medical certificate that is issued by the passengers physician 10 days before departure, is required.  The patient has to be accompanied by a medical doctor or a nurse. If it is stated that the patient has no need for medical companionship then he or she should be attended by an adult companion who has full knowledge about the patient’s medical condition. Zagros Jet does not take any medical resposibility for such cases. Contact information of the patient’s physician, medical escort and the person at the departure and arrival points are also requierd. The medical certificate must be written in Kurdish and in English. Translations of the doctor's reports in other languages ??must be approved by the station manager. While making the reservation, it must be stated if the patient requires supplemental oxygen and how many litres. Zagros Jet would answer this need according to this information. The patient’s own oxygen tank could not be accepted in cabin. It could be carried only if it’s completely empty as a checked baggage. It is the passenger's responsibility to arrange an ambulance at the arrival and to submit the related information as the ambulance company name and phone number to our side during  the reservation. For technical reasons the provided stretcher can not be used for hospital transfers.  The stretcher of the ambulance could be used for this. According to every airport infrastructure, the transfer of the patient from the airport to the aircraft is made by the airport’s own ambulance and the payment is covered by the patient.
The stretcher service fee is equal to 6 tickets booked in Y class of the selected flight. This will include the ticket of the patient and the stretcher. Medical escort and the accompanying passenger's tickets should be purchased separately.
Stretcher can not be positinoned at Business Class.

What are the rules regarding pregnant passengers?
Passengers up to the 28th ( 7 months ) of pregnancy are not prompted any report. The pregnant passenger is requierd to declare how many babies she is expecting and the stage of pregnancy.
Pregnant passengers with single baby after the end of 28th week, (7 months completed) until the end of 35th week (is not beyond day 36th week) need to present a report from their doctors that contains the phrase “There is no doubt for this patient to travel by aircraft“ stating that passenger is fit to fly. After completion of 35th week, passenger can not be allowed to fly even with a doctor's report.
Pregnant passengers with multiples (two or more babies), from the end of 28th week, until the end of 32th week (is not beyond day 33th week) need to present a report from their doctors that contains the phrase “there is no doubt for this patient to travel by aircraft“ stating that passenger is fit to fly. After completion of 32th week, passenger can not be allowed to fly even with a doctor's report.
The report must be provided by a medical specialist and should be written on an official letterhead of the doctor or health care institution containing the following terms and conditions:
- Date of issue of the report must be specified and the date may not be over 7 days.
- The doctor's name, surname, diploma number and signature must be shown clearly.
- The report should be issued in English and Kurdish. If passenger has a report in another language; airline representative translates the related report of “there is no doubt for this patient to travel by aircraft” in another sheet, specifying their name, surname with title of the duty and attaches to the passenger’s report. This document shall be signed by the passenger. After careful consideration of the document, passenger can be accepted on the flight.